How to Write on Glass


It’s Monday morning and you’ve just walked into your office. The first thing you see is that dreary whiteboard hanging in the same place as it did the Friday before, and the Friday before that, and the Friday before that... Underneath yesterday’s work you can still see the leftovers from last month’s budget explanation that couldn’t be erased properly. Sighing, you sit down at your desk, realizing that your once pristine whiteboard will never be as sparkly new ever again, no matter how much you clean it. The damage has been done.

Or will it? Switching to glass as a surface of writing is a much better option that using a standard whiteboard. It’s smoother to write on, plus you won’t have those gross stains coming out from under a new set of work. Its clear display will give your office or your classroom a brighter feel and it will make your work look so much more professional. Using glass as a whiteboard will never ghost or stain, even if you write on the surface with permanent marker!

Of course, you can’t just use any old piece of glass to use as a whiteboard and this is where we come in. We stock a wide range of glassboards that you can use to write on. A glass whiteboard is perfectly safe to use and does a better job than a standard whiteboard! It is easier to clean too, so you won’t have to spend as much on cleaning sprays and wipes!

Our range of glassboards have been especially designed by the top manufacturers. You can browse the inventory for the Clarity Glassboard by Iceberg, the Mobile Rolling Boards by Rollin' Products, the Wall Mounted Glassboards by Luxor, or our company’s favorite, the Harmony Glassboards by Ghent.

Harmony Glassboards by Ghent

The Harmony Glassboards by Ghent are one of the best sellers we have in our inventory. They come in 7 standard colors that won’t only help your room look elegant, but the color shades will make them pop, begging you to write on them. If you have an exact color in mind, we’ll be able to create that for you without any hassle. It has been designed with a super sleek attention to detail and it will give the illusion that your board is literally floating off of the wall it’s mounted on. It has clear holders that will keep the board in position and there is a nifty space for your markers and erasers built right into the board itself. This is so easy to clean and you can use the free included dry eraser when you want to get rid of an idea – no water needed! It comes with a 50 year warranty should you ever experience any problems with this product...but we don’t think you will!

How to write on glass: Dry Erase Markers

When you decide to purchase a Ghent Harmony Glassboard, you’ll need a pair of markers. The good news is the included dry erase markers are perfect for everyday use when writing on this glassboard, along with any other glassboard we carry. It promises no slipping and steady writing as you jot down ideas and notes during the day. They work best with our glass surfaces because they make writing on glass simple and easy.

We also stock a wide range of colored markers from Quartet's EnduraGlide Series that you can purchase separately and the other lines of glassboards that we carry. You can also browse our accessory racks to store them in that mount perfectly with our Prestige Series boards by Quartet.

Now that you know how to write on glass, what are you waiting for? Browse our line of glassboards today!